Sierra Wireless Inc. (Nasdaq: SWIR) Shares Up

Sierra Wireless Inc. – Nasdaq: SWIR 

Shares of Sierra Wireless Inc. are up almost 9% on heavy volumes. SWIR is traded on the Nasdaq and ended Friday trading at $15.80 but today have reached $17.35.  

Canadian-based Sierra Wireless claims they are building the “Internet of Things”. They were first to market with: embedded software, embedded SIM, interchangeable modules, 4G LTE, and LTE Advanced solutions. They ship over 120 million M2M (machine to machine) devices worldwide and operate over 80 networks. Their IP catalog has over 400 patents. 

Sierra Wireless has impressive sales growth. In 2011 they reported $333.2 million in sales and in 2015 Sierra Wireless reported $607.8 million. Shareholders of SWIR have not seen similar performance. SWIR has an EPS loss of $1.62 in 2011 and a loss of $0.08 in 2015. SWIR has never experienced positive EPS.

Five firms follow Sierra Wireless. All five rate SWIR shares as a “Hold” with a consensus price target of $16. 

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