Cerecor Inc (NASDAQ:CERC) Threatening New Highs

Cerecor Inc (NASDAQ:CERC)

The uptrend, that began in August, continues for Cerecor Inc (NASDAQ:CERC) stock as it looks to close at its second highest level in a year on heavy volume. The market sent shares higher after the biotechnology company released Q3 earnings this morning.

Cerecor Inc (NASDAQ:CERC)
Cerecor Inc (NASDAQ:CERC) is a biopharmaceutical company that develops drug candidates to address the needs of patients with neurologic and psychiatric disorders. Cerecor’s lead drug candidate is CERC-301, which Cerecor currently intends to explore as a treatment for orphan neurological indications. Cerecor is also developing two pre-clinical stage compounds, CERC-611 and CERC-406.

Cerecor Earnings

Cerecor, headquartered in Baltimore, MD, reported Q3 net income of $18.7 million, or $0.52 per common share, compared to a net loss of (-$6.2) million, or (-$0.70) loss per common share, for the third quarter 2016. The company reported $0.52 income per diluted common share, compared to (-$0.70) loss per diluted common share for the same period last year. Cerecor posted $25 million in license and other revenue from the sale of CERC-501 to Janssen this past August.
Q3 2017 general and administrative expenses increased to $2.2 million, compared to $1.7 million for Q3 2016. This increase was driven primarily by expenses associated with the August sale of CERC-501. As of September 30, 2017, cash and cash equivalents were $24.0 million, escrowed cash receivable was $3.75 million and current liabilities were $4.8 million.

CERC Stock Performance

Cerecor Inc (NASDAQ:CERC) shares began an uptrend after the $25 million sale of CERC-501 to Janssen Pharmaceuticals. Over the past quarter, CERC stock is up over 88%. However CERC shares were trading over $5 at the end of last year, and the drop from those levels is seen in the (-70%) performance over the past year.
Annual earnings have been disappointing for shareholders. In 2014 there was an EPS loss of (-$0.41), followed in 2015 by (-$1.22) loss, and a loss of (-$1.87) for 2016.

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