aTyr Pharma Inc (NASDAQ:LIFE) Orchestrates Clean Sweep Of Physiocrine Patents

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aTyr Pharma Inc (NASDAQ:LIFE)

In a world where every pharmaceutical company is rushing to develop and market its brand, aTyr Pharma Inc (NASDAQ:LIFE) has established itself through its originality.

The company recently announced completing their foundational patent estate which will cover waterfront real estate regarding ‘Physiocrines,’ use. This according to information from the company’s CEO John Mendlein.

Physiocrines are a crucial type of molecules which are produced by the aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases (AARSs).

Until recent times, research on AARSs centered at the intracellular role in the synthesis of proteins.  However in 1999, Paul Schimmel, the scientific cofounder of aTyr Pharma Inc (NASDAQ:LIFE) published the first work illustrating that one of these enzymes actually has an extracellular signaling region.

Over the following years, Xiang-Lei Yang, a colleague of Schimmel and Scripps researched and added more AARSs to the existing list. By 2014, the company, the scientists as well as the team of partners published a study indicating that splicing of tRNA Synthetases and extracellular signaling is possible in all the 23 genes from the AARS family.

Mendlein says his company has credible evidence suggesting the interaction of enzymes with both the adaptive immune and innate system.

It develops from the idea of self-tolerance. To a big extent, the immune system does not recognize foreign bodies, it only learns to recognize self-tissue. This helps it in distinguishing healthy cells from those that are harmful to the system. Unfortunately, this immune regulation does not work with some diseases including autoimmune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis.

Resolaris, aTyr Pharma Inc (NASDAQ:LIFE)’s first therapeutic is currently in clinical trial to be used in the treatment of advanced myopathies with an immune component.

Mendlein adds that the breakdown of muscles triggers the immune system to contribute to the spread of the disease. “You have chronic damage and so the immune system resides in the muscle instead of having a transient relationship with it,” he said.

Without better therapies, patients mainly depend on steroids to boost up their immune response. This is so despite the negative effects that steroids have on muscles.

This explains why there is an increased outcry concerning the pricing of Marathon Pharmaceuticals’ recycled steroid for Duchenne muscular dystrophy which goes for $89,000 annually.

According to data from the clinical trial of Resolaris, 50% to 78% of patients suffering from two genetically different myopathies showed improvement in muscle strength. Additionally, it does not cause suppression of the immune system.

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About the author: Monica Gray has an undergraduate degree in Accounting and an MBA – earned with Honors. She has six years of experience in the financial markets and has been a securities analyst for the past two years.

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Monica has an undergraduate degree in Accounting and an MBA she earned - with Honors. She has six years of experience in the financial markets and has been an analyst for the past two years.

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