Jammin Java Corp (OTCMKTS:JAMN) Joining Forces with Canned and Bottled Beverage Company

Jammin Java Corp (OTCMKTS:JAMN)

Jammin Java Corp (OTCMKTS:JAMN), an ethically farmed, sustainably grown, and artisan-roasted premium coffee company has announced signing a agreement with High Performance Beverage Company to partner in developing bottled and canned cold coffee drinks. Jammin Java is shifting to new segments of cold coffee products so as to have stronger presence in the lucrative mult billion dollar industry.

According to Bloomberg, bottled or canned ready-to-drink coffee is evolving naturally due to change in consumer lifestyle and following in the trend set by ubiquitous Starbucks as well as several independent coffee outlets. The ready-to-drink market in the United States has been growing exponentially by double digit every year since 2011.

According to Euromonitor International, the ready-to-drink market is expected to hit the high of around $3.6 billion by 2020. The world market as at 2015 stood at $18 billion according to Euromonitor International.

In its new move, Jammin Java Corp (OTCMKTS:JAMN) is planning to start production of Cannabis Coffee in the Colorado markets market which will include CBD and THC based coffees, Low Calorie and Sugar Free Bottled and canned Coffee products that will be supplied through the U.S. market and Coffee Energy Drinks which will include full sugar and fat together with low calorie varieties.

According to Jammin Java, the active ingredients as well as the taste are the most important elements in the production of its coffee based drinks. Jammin Java CEO Chris Plant in a statement expressed confidence in the company’s move to take another step and adopt a different business line from coffee roasting which has been its traditional cold-coffee business line. He said that they are optimistic the new business line will be more profitable and open new business opportunities for Jammin Java Corp (OTCMKTS:JAMN). Plant added that the company is strategically located in Colorado which is the heart of legal recreational cannabis. Cannabis has been legalized in Colorado for recreational and leisure purpose. Plant says this will give the company a competitive advantage when they roll out cannabis based coffee drinks in the state. He adds that the company’s number one priority currently is to offer high quality coffee to its customers. The company will then work to establish itself as the best cannabis drink company in the state. Plant say once they accomplish that the company will commence offering cannabis coffee drinks in other states where it is legalized.

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About the author: Monica Gray has an undergraduate degree in Accounting and an MBA – earned with Honors. She has six years of experience in the financial markets and has been a securities analyst for the past two years.

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Monica has an undergraduate degree in Accounting and an MBA she earned - with Honors. She has six years of experience in the financial markets and has been an analyst for the past two years.


  1. There is NO relation between Jammin Java and Rohan Marley or Marley Coffee…that relationship ended.

  2. Jammin Java still has inventory with Marley Brand all over it. Who is benefiting from the sales of those products? Secondly, Is Jammin Java trying with this ridiculous news story like this one to bail out the last remaining greedy cock sucking share holders… I won’t mention their names but they still hold the vast majority of shares 17%.
    What a shame, I don’t know what really happened but Marley Coffee was a great brand and product.. I don’t know who the greedy culprit’s are but they should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. Jammin Java had no input into this news story nor has SNU had any contact with them directly or through a third-party. The stock hit a relative volume figure that made it stand out in a crowd. That was the reason we covered JAMN.

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