Naked Brand Group Inc (NASDAQ:NAKD)

Key Acquisition for Naked Brand Group Inc (NASDAQ:NAKD)

Naked Brand Group Inc (NASDAQ:NAKD)

Naked Brand Group Inc (NASDAQ:NAKD) shares are up over 30% before lunch on news that it has acquired the sole owner of intimate clothing brand Frederick’s of Hollywood global online license. NAKD shares end Tuesday at $1.26 but before lunch shares had hit $1.82 on a volume figure over 18 times the daily average.

Naked Brand Group Inc (NASDAQ:NAKD)
One month daily candle-bar graph for $NAKD

Naked, Bendon, and Bendon Group Holdings Limited (“Holdco”) recently entered into a merger agreement under which both of Naked and Bendon will become wholly owned subsidiaries of Holdco, a newly formed Australian holding company.

Bendon will acquire all of the outstanding common stock of FOH in exchange for the forgiveness of debt owed by FOH to Bendon. As a result, Bendon will control FOH’s existing license to develop and sell online products under the Fredrick’s of Hollywood name. As part of the transaction, Holdco will issue to FOH shares, which would have otherwise been issued to Bendon at the time of the merger. Most of these shares will be transferred to the affiliate of Bendon which initially funded FOH. The issuance of the Holdco shares is expected to have a minimal impact on the amount of shares Naked Brand Group Inc (NASDAQ:NAKD) stockholders will have in Holdco.

Naked Brand Group Inc (NASDAQ:NAKD) sales have increased each year since 2015 when the company reported $0.6 million in sales. That number was followed by annual sales figures of $1.4 million and $1.8 million. However profit has been harder to grasp for the apparel company. In 2015, Naked Brand Group Inc (NASDAQ:NAKD) shareholders suffered a per share loss of (-$23.33). That loss narrowed in 2016 to (-$10.13), then narrowed again in 2017 to (-$1.77).

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Gogo Inc. (Nasdaq: GOGO) Shares Rise on Coverage

Gogo Inc. – Nasdaq: GOGO

Shares of Gogo Inc. are rising after Guggenheim initiated coverage at a “Buy” rating. Shares, listed on the Nasdaq under ticker GOGO, ended yesterday at $8.71, gapped up to open at $9.07, and reached a high of $9.61.

Gogo Inc. delivers internet connectivity and entertainment to aircraft worldwide. Gogo provides services on approximately 9,600 aircraft, which represents more than 20% of the world’s total commercial and business jet aircraft. They are positioned to support global operational execution, as well as a research and development program that enables them to develop technologies for the global aviation industry.

Gogo’s reported sales have increased every year and posted $500.9 million in 2015. GOGO EPS has been negative every year for the past five years and in 2015 GOGO EPS was a loss of $1.35. Five firms follow Gogo Inc. Two rate GOGO shares as a “Strong Buy”, and one each rate the shares as a “Buy”, “Hold”, and “Sell”. Their consensus price target for GOGO is $13.

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