Airborne Wireless Networks (OTCMKTS: ABWN) Poised to Disrupt?

The explosion of the internet age saw hundreds of billions of dollars spent to lay down wire and fiber-optic cables that would carry more information in an hour than had been created in all of man’s existence. Cell towers were erected that allowed electronic voice, and later data, communications to travel through the air. Iridium Communications (previously known as Iridium Satellite LLC) was the first to attempt to bring the information superhighway to the entire world. They launched a constellation of low-orbit satellites that allow their users to access digital voice/data communications anywhere in the world – at an expense that most find prohibitive. Now the world has Airborne Wireless Networks (OTCMKTS: ABWN). A company that has a intriguing, patented approach to global voice/data communications at a fraction of the current cost by utilizing airplanes instead of costly satellites.

Simi Valley, CA-based Airborne Wireless wants to fill the geographic “black holes” in the world’s digital communications by linking commercial aircraft in flight.  Each aircraft participating in the network acts as an airborne repeater or router, sending and receiving broadband signals from one aircraft to the next and creating a digital superhighway in the sky.  Unlike Iridium Communications, Airborne Wireless Networks (OTCMKTS: ABWN) will not market to end-users, it will instead sell access to its network to internet service providers and telephone companies. ABWN has started marketing itself on Fox Business News.

The efficiency and convenience of such a network is arguably unparalleled when compared to existing alternatives. Oil rigs, outdoor enthusiasts, or countries that do not enjoy a digital infrastructure comparable to the developed words’ – all could now have equal access to the internet.

In 1998, during the pioneering days of wireless data-connectivity, Airborne Wireless Networks (OTCMKTS: ABWN) inventor submitted a patent application to the US patent and trademark office, and on September 4, 2001, US patent number US 6,285,878 B1 was granted. A few days later an event occurred which changed the airline industry and which would delay development of this disruptive technology for years.

Fast-forward to 2016, Airborne Wireless Networks (OTCMKTS: ABWN)acquired the patent and months later announced that it received an FAA Project Number for its Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) application to install a Broadband Transceiver System on Boeing 757-200 aircraft. In December of 2016, ABWN entered into an agreement with Electric Lightwave Holdings, Inc. The agreement allows the Infinitus Super Highway™, once implemented, to reach the end users. Without a ground link, users would have no way to access the ABWN network.

In January of 2017, Airborne Wireless Networks (OTCMKTS: ABWN) and Air Lease Corporation (NYSE: AL) announced they entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with regards to a strategic marketing partnership for Airborne Wireless Network’s (OTCMKTS: ABWN) proposed broadband wireless networks. Los Angeles, CA-based Air Lease Corporation owns 240 aircraft, including 181 single-aisle narrow-body jet aircraft, 40 twin-aisle widebody jet aircraft, and 19 turboprop aircraft. Under the terms of the agreement, Air Lease Corporation will act as the exclusive marketing agent and use its extensive network of airline customers to market the “Infinitus Super Highway™” to multiple airline customers throughout the world.

Investors seem to be responding positively to Airborne Wireless’ concept and progress. A year ago, AWBN (OTCQB: ABWN) was trading at $0.25, but closed Friday, February, 3, 2017, at $2.17 with a market cap over $150 million and over one million shares traded. Should Airborne Wireless Networks (OTCMKTS: ABWN) continue to successfully execute its vision, it will forever change society. No longer will people or businesses have to factor in internet access availability when deciding where to locate. That makes it a company with a potentially high disruption factor not only in the sense of technology, but also how we function as a society.

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