Noble Corporation Ordinary Shares (UK)(NYSE:NE)

Questions Mounting For Noble Corporation Ordinary Shares (UK)(NYSE:NE)

Noble Corporation Ordinary Shares (UK)(NYSE:NE)

Noble Corporation Ordinary Shares (UK)(NYSE:NE) shares were down slightly, to $3.76, in after-hour trading as news that Royal Dutch Shell was terminating a jack-up contract almost a year early. However there was some good news. Royal Dutch Shell awarded Noble some short-term drillship work. Investors were also taking valuations into account after Citigroup downgraded NE shares from a “Buy” to a “Neutral” with the target price getting slashed from $11 to $4.70.

There is little doubt that the Citigroup downgrade will raise some eyebrows on the street as Noble Corporation Ordinary Shares (UK)(NYSE:NE) received no less than nine upgrades from analysts since the beginning of 2017. So far, the upgrades have not been warranted. YTD shares of Noble Corporation Ordinary Shares (UK)(NYSE:NE) are down over 36% and down over 57% for the past year. This has been good news for the short-sellers. Short-sellers hold shares short in an amount that represent 24.5% of the stock’s total float. At $3.76, NE shares are threatening to challenge their existing 52-week low of $3.65. Interested parties should keep a close eye on any news.

Noble Corporation Ordinary Shares (UK)(NYSE:NE) management style has guided it from a one rig operation in 1921 into one of the largest offshore drilling contractors. Noble’s growth is due to a series of strategic acquisitions of offshore drilling assets. These acquisitions follow Noble’s goals – to gain a strong position in foreign drilling markets, to expand marine drilling operations and to move into new markets and segments of the industry.

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