Sunworks Inc (NASDAQ:SUNW)

Sunworks Inc (NASDAQ:SUNW) Dim

Sunworks Inc (NASDAQ:SUNW)

Sunworks Inc (NASDAQ:SUNW) stock is down over 16%, to $1.16, after the solar power equipment provider released Q3 2017 earnings. This would mark a new 52-week low for SUNW stock. According to Zacks Investment Research, analysts were expecting EPS to come in at $0.02, but the Roseville, CA-based company reported a net loss of (-$0.09), or $2 million.

Sunworks Inc (NASDAQ:SUNW)

Sunworks Inc (NASDAQ:SUNW) was formerly known as Solar3D, Inc. The company provides solar power solutions. Sunworks designs, installs, and manages solar power systems for commercial, agricultural, residential and municipal customers in the western United States. Its solutions deliver over 2.5 kilowatts to multi-megawatts commercial systems. It also provides energy solutions and services to retail customers. Its services include project management and installation support, solar energy performance assessments, solutions consultations, materials and equipment procurement support, as well as rebates and incentives management.

SUNW Stock Performance

Sunworks Inc (NASDAQ:SUNW) earnings have been generally negative and inconsistent. In 2012 the company posted a per share loss of (-$0.42). That loss was followed by annual losses of (-$0.59) and (-$2.15). Then, in 2015, Sunworks posted a per share profit of $0.06, but then, for 2016, another loss of (-$0.46) was posted.

Sales have been on an upward trajectory though. In 2014 the company reported sales of $20.2 million and, by 2016, that number expanded to $86.4 million.

Diluting shareholder equity has been a constant issue for holders of SUNW stock. In 2012 there were 4.93 million shares outstanding. Unfortunately, by 2016, that number ballooned to 20.23 million.

All three investment firms that follow Sunworks Inc (NASDAQ:SUNW) rate SUNW shares as a “Strong Buy”. Their consensus, one-year price target is $2.67.

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