Titan Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: TTNP) Up 15%

Titan Pharmaceuticals Inc. – Nasdaq: TTNP

Titan Pharmaceuticals Inc. trades on the Nasdaq under ticker symbol TTNP. Shares are up almost 15% on heavy volumes. Shares closed on Friday at $4.00 and have reached $4.60 in today’s early trading.

Titan Pharmaceuticals develops proprietary therapeutics for the treatment of select chronic diseases utilizing its innovative, long-term, continuous drug delivery platform, ProNeura. ProNeura implants enhance patient care by providing non-fluctuating, stable levels of medication in the blood for up to one year. Titan is in the early stages of product development programs utilizing ProNeura for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease and hypothyroidism. It’s also evaluating the feasibility of additional product candidates that would be suitable for the treatment of several chronic diseases, including certain hormonal deficiencies; type 2 diabetes, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, benign prostate hyperplasia and others.

One form covers Titan Pharmaceuticals and gives TTNP a rating of “Strong Buy” with a price target of $11. TTNP reached its highs in EPS ($0.65) and sales ($10.5 million) in 2013. It progressively posted worse figures in 2014 and 2015.

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Author: Steve Clark

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