MabVax (Nasdaq: MBVX) – biotech focused on human anti-bodies


MabVax Therapeutics Holdings Inc

MabVax Therapeutics Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:MBVX) is a clinical stage biotechnology company focused on the development of antibody-based products to help in the treatment of cancer. It has discovered a pipeline of human monoclonal antibody products based on the protective immune responses from patients who have been immunised against targeted cancer with MabVax’s proprietary vaccines.

One of the positive aspects of the HuMab-5B1 antibody is that it is fully human – it was discovered from the immune response of cancer patients vaccinated with an antigen-specific vaccine during a Phase I trial at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK). In preclinical research, the 5B1 antibody has demonstrated a high degree of efficiency and the antigen targeted is expressed on more than 90% of pancreatic cancers making the antibody potentially broadly applicable to most patients suffering from this type of cancer. MabVax’s two lead antibody clinical programs, currently in Phase I clinical trials, utilize HuMab-5B1 as a naked antibody (MVT-5873) and as an immuno-PET imaging agent (MVT-2163). Importantly, MabVax also has the exclusive license to the therapeutic vaccines from MSK.

The company has announced the commencement of common stock trading on NASDAQ, as well as the pricing of a public offering worth $8.625 million in the form of common stock and series F preferred stock. The total expected gross proceeds are before underwriting discount and expenses. The company also is expecting a reverse split of its common stock in the ratio of 1 for 7.4. The purpose of the reverse stock split and public offering is to enable the company to satisfy the minimum stockholder equity and stock price requirements of NASDAQ for uplisting and provide capital for the clinical development plans.

The bottom line

Sources believe the available indications are moving with this company in a positive trend. The cash on hand is in excess of $ 10 million as of 2016 and the recent uplisting on NASDAQ has made many people bullish about its prospects with some analysts expecting to see a target price of $18.00. MBVX was trading in the $4.00 handle as of this writing. Investors considering adding this stock to their portfolio should consider that early-stage drug development companies are relatively high risk.

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